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Take A Chill Pill

No seriously, our powerful mood supplement, ElevatePlus, will ease your stress & calm your mind. 

Made with natural herbs and nootropics- With ingredients fully dosed based on their clinical trials.

Find your flow, elevate your day.


1,000 times better than alcohol. Without the blurry vision and impaired judgement. Slightly euphoric without being overbearing.
— David Thomas (Customer)

It does boost your well-being and your mood. You just become a happier person. I stopped taking it to make sure it wasn’t a placebo effect, when I stopped all those feelings went away
— Noah Klein (Fitness Blogger & Customer)


Wind down, quiet your mind and bring yourself back into the moment. Reclaim your inner confidence.

If, for whatever reason, you're not satisfied, you can return ElevatePlus free of charge. We'll even pay the return shipping.

You've got nothing to lose! (return policy).

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Our Mission...

SomaVita started out with the dream of providing high-quality supplements to improve people's lives.

We were tired of seeing all the under-dosed and ineffective supplements on the market. 

So we created the most powerful mood booster known to man.

Introducing ElevatePlus- a potent combination of herbs and nootropics. The doses are based on clinical trials, so you know you're getting your money's worth. 

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