The Alcohol Replacement that Doesn't Give you A Hangover

Social situations cause anxiety.

  • Meeting new people in a group. 

  • Public speaking.

  • Interviewing.

  • Going on a first date.

These are stressful for everyone

It makes sense. People are social animals. We want to be liked and accepted. Making the wrong move or doing something 'weird' could result in being outcast from the group.

We evolved to survive in groups with complex social dynamics. Fitting in is a must. 

In the time of cavemen, you would die if you didn't fit in. If your tribe kicked you out, you would starve to death or get eaten by a tiger. Throughout millions of years, we've developed this fear of not fitting in.

The consequences don't apply anymore. You won't die if you're different. But WE haven't changed. In our mind its do or die.

This makes people really anxious in social situations. Most people drink alcohol to stop this. 

It's no surprise that alcohol is the drug of choice for letting loose. Alcohol decreases your inhibitions. It quiets all the noise and worrying in your mind. For a short time, you feel alive. You're in the moment. You're completely open up to the world around you.

The Problem

While alcohol is great at lowering inhibitions, it has consequences.

1) Lowered Motor Function

You get sloppy. You slur your words, stumble around, and can't drive.

2) Damaging to Health

Expect liver damage, stomach problems, inflammation, hangovers, and damaging brain cells when drinking. If you become addicted you can also develop liver and stomach cancer. Mood disorders are linked with alcoholism. 

3) It's the Most Dangerous Drug in the World

Alcohol's responsible for killing 3.3 million people a year. 25% of all deaths in young people (20-39) are alcohol related (more info in this article). A study comparing all the drugs found alcohol to be the most dangerous. Even more so than heroin.

This study shows alcohol is the most dangerous drug in overall score of harm to user+harm to others, more info on it  here .

This study shows alcohol is the most dangerous drug in overall score of harm to user+harm to others, more info on it here.

4) It's Expensive

Spending money on alcohol adds up. Pre-gaming is expensive. Buying drinks at the bar is even worse. The funny thing about alcohol is the more you drink the less you care about money. You can all think of that time where you spent 50, 100, or even more in a night of drinking. At the time it's fun. The next morning checking your bank account- not so much. 

I loved drinking

I used to drink heavily. I would always get sick. I was always in a brain fog; I couldn't concentrate. I just didn't feel great. I was addicted to drinking. It was fun, but the costs aren't worth it.  Although nothing's wrong with drinking in moderation.

The problem is relying on alcohol. Relying on a harmful drug to socialize.

This is unsustainable and harmful to your health. 

There is a better alternative to alcohol.

Lower your inhibitions without lowering your motor functions.

The Power Of Phenibut.

Phenibut img.png

I first found out about phenibut a few years ago. I quickly realized the usefulness of the compound. Unlike most legal supplements, phenibut actually works. That's why its banned in many countries including Australia and England.

All the benefits of alcohol with none of the nasty side effects.

Phenibut does what alcohol's job better. After dosing, I feel absolutely ZERO social anxiety. I have complete social freedom and am essentially fearless. I feel euphoric. That warm 'everything's gonna be alright' feeling. Over time, I went from using phenibut occasionally, to completely replacing alcohol with phenibut. 

There was no reason for me to drink anymore. When I wanted to go out, I would just take between 500-1500mg of phenibut HCl. It takes 2-3 hours to kick in, so I would take half before going out. And then half while i'm out. 

My social life became better and more rewarding.

No more blacking out. I actually would remember my night. It got me to the same point just the right amount of drinking would. I felt relaxed, confident. I became eager to talk to girls and meet new friends. I never puked. I never slurred my words or made a fool out of myself. 

I became accustomed to being the life of the party. Just be careful if you want to be alone. Phenibut will make you talk people's ears off.

How it works.

Phenibut is a compound that has been used the last 50 years in Russia to help with anxiety. It acts by binding to your GABA receptors. The GABA receptors have a major role in anxiety. It is thought that phenibut basically tells your brain to stop stressing out. 


Phenibut Improved My Life.

Social situations is where it shines, but it can be used for almost anything.

It generally just makes you feel good. For me it greatly enhances music and sex. Going to a concert or having sex is unbeatable on phenibut. I also love taking it throughout the day. If I have errands or studying it makes my day run smoother. Everything becomes more enjoyable. Another great use is mixing phenibut with caffeine.

When i want to be productive, doing this puts me in the zone. Or better yet, take it with a glass of yerba mate. This works well for the gym. The focus in your workout will be absolutely unbeatable. 

Phenibut is a crucial ingredient in SomaVita's mood formula, ElevatePlus. Enjoy its benefits combined with potent nootropics and herbs to attain anxiety relief. Maximize your day and choose happiness.


Note- It is important to never consume phenibut more than twice a week nor at a dose higher than 1500mg at a time (equivalent to 3 servings of ElevatePlus). Phenibut has been shown, rarely, to become addictive and even cause withdrawal when abused. Stick to the dosage guidelines.