Learn How You Can Save 30% Off Your Order With Crypto

SomaVita is a big supporter of general health and well-being. With this ties into the notion of freedom and decentralization. People free to transact with eachother without interference is revolutionary, as we have seen from the recent cryptocurrency boom. This freedom is paramount to individual happiness and therefore health.

Become Part of History.

We were recently introduced to the cryptocurrency called Nano, (formerly known as Raiblocks) and we immediately fell in love. Nano is the ultimate payment coin, using revolutionary DAG technology it offers FEE-LESS, INSTANT TRANSACTIONS. To put this into perspective, sending Bitcoin can cost up to $30 or more, and can take several hours and sometimes days to go through!

We are on the ground floor of something incredible.


To show our support of this technology, we are offering an AMAZING deal of 1 bottle of ElevatePlus for 30% when paid with Nano. We thought no better day to kick off this offer than V-day to show our love of Nano!

Become a part of something great. 

Email us at somavita@somavitasupplements.com with your wallet address, your name, and shipping information. We will respond with our wallet address and the amount of Nano required.

*We only take U.S customers at this time, sorry!