What Makes ElevatePlus So Effective?

For those curious about the ingredients, we thought we'd post some scientific studies showing their effectiveness, along with what dose the studies use compared to what we use.

The ingredients used have been shown to work in scientific trials. We use around the same or similar doses as these trials.


You will not find any proprietary blends, we tell you exactly how much of what ingredient we put in.



ElevatePlus Dose: 150mg/Serving

L-theanine is a compound found in green tea extract. It is used to help with relaxation and many take it with their coffee to help counteract the jitters. 

This study of adult males showed that l-theanine increases the alpha brain wave function in adult males. The alpha brain wave is the state of relaxation, where you are not tired or asleep, but alert and calm.

This study showed it, in doses of 200mg, to reduce "psychological and physiological stress responses" compared to the placebo.



ElevatePlus Dose: 400mg/Serving

N-acetyl cysteine, otherwise known as NAC is an anti-oxidant thought to improve brain health.

This study of 400-800mg/day was shown to 


"Reduced lead accumulation in red blood cells and the subsequent oxidative sequelae, as well as improve glutathoine status of red blood cells."

Lowering of oxidation basically means less inflammation.

This study is really interesting. It shows that NAC supplementation actually reduces fatigue for athletes in a sprint test.

"Supplementation of NAC for six days prior to a series of intermittent sprint tests, when measured the next day, was associated with less declines in performance and less fatigue than placebo treatment"


Rhodiola Rosea

ElevatePlus Dose: 150mg/Serving

Rhodiola is a traditional Chinese and Scandinavian herb used to invigorate the body and mind. It is taken as an adaptogen (stress-reliever) and a fatigue remedy.


This study showed rhodiola extract lowered subjects stress levels.

"200mg rhodiola extract twice daily reduced dysfunction and fatigue associated with stress. Significant improvements were noted in social and work function secondary to reduced fatigue and improved mood."

This randomized clinical trial showed a reduction in physical and mental fatigue, as well as an increase in time until physical exhaustion.



ElevatePlus Dose: 150mg/Serving


Also known as Indian Ginseng, a plant used in traditional Aryuveda medicine to give vitality, neuroprotection, and anxiety relief. It reduces the level of stress hormone, cortisol.

This randomized controlled trial, of 200mg twice a day, showed a reduction of anxiety of 56.5% compared to 30.5% reduction in the placebo group.

This study showed a reduction in stress and cortisol in young adults.

"Chronically stressed people taking an ashwagandha extract for 60 days saw improvements with regard to anxiety, well-being, and serum health parameters. Cortisol decreased (by 14.5% for 125 mg/day, 24.2% for 250 mg/day, and 30.5% for 500 mg/day), as did LDL-C (by 17.4% for 500 mg/day) and VLDL-C (by 23.9% for 500 mg/day), while HDL-C increased (by 17.3% for 500 mg/day)."

Phenibut HCl

ElevatePlus Dose: 500mg/Serving

Phenibut img.png

A compound studied for the past 50 years in treating anxiety. Phenibut works by binding to the GABA receptors in your brain. The GABA neurotransmitter plays a role in mood.

This Russian study found phenibut to relieve tension, fear, and improve quality of sleep.


*The majority of these sources were found through the use of the unbiased supplement database, www.examine.com.

Bradshaw Steele