Say No To Misleading Supplement Labels.

You have the right to know what you put into your body. With supplements this is even more important.

How do you know what dose is effective?

What if it’s dangerous to take too much of an ingredient?

And don’t you want to know your money’s being well spent?

This is why you should just say no to supplements with the words ‘Proprietary Blend’ on the label (hint: this is most supplements).

The Truth About Proprietary Blends.

A proprietary blend is a way for supplement companies to basically give you the middle finger.

It is a loophole that they can use so they don’t have to tell you what’s in their product.

They only list the ingredients, not the ingredient amount.

Then they slap a label on it saying ‘Super Mass Gainer Proprietary Blend’ or ‘Opti Supplement Concentration Blend’.

These sound fancy but it’s just their way of scamming you. Usually if a supplement has a proprietary blend, their ingredients are UNDERDOSED and INEFFECTIVE.

Potentially being pumped full of the cheapest ingredient, with the rest just in there for show- doses too small to work.

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Fully Transparent, Fully Dosed- How Supplements Should Be

We want you to know what’s in our products.


Because we made sure to fully dose them so they actually work.

The formula in our powerful mood-booster, ElevatePlus, was designed with clinical trials in mind.

This means we researched what amounts scientists used in tests for each ingredient and matched them.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed- For a limited time, try a bottle on us for 10 days: If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a full refund, no return necessary (see below).

ElevatePlus- The Greatest Mood Booster On The Market

We all have stressful days and that’s exactly why we made ElevatePlus. To help you become the best you possible…

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ElevatePlus is designed to boost your mood and lower your stress. It is without a doubt the most effective mood booster on the market, because our ingredients are proven to work…

And we jam as much as will fit into every capsule. Rest assured that if you want the best bang for your buck, you’re in the right place.

Mind you, this is no untried or new theory. These ingredients, some of which have been used for thousands of years, are widely known to promote well-being and take the edge off of stressful days.

Boost Your…



Brighten your mood. Lift your spirits and boost positivity no matter what's got you down. Happiness in a bottle.



Lower social inhibitions without the sloppiness of alcohol. Quiet your mind and be in the moment. Enjoy talking and connecting with others.



Add a gear that gets things going. Increase your confidence and energy levels. Tackle your problems with a sharper mindset. 

We Use Quality Ingredients Because You Deserve Nothing Less.

  • Made in the USA in a GMP Certified Facility

  • Fully Dosed with Herbs and Nootropics

  • With Vegan Capsules

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